Tips for Traps! - Effective Trap Placements -

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Tips for Traps! - Effective Trap Placements -

Post by DexDX on Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:45 pm

Some helpful links from Pingfao
* = Additional information not quoted from Pingfao

Originally quoted by Pingfao:

1. Spring Traps are most effective vs. Giants. Place them near Defensive buildings. For advanced players, place them in Giants' paths.
Visual example:

2. Bombs/Giant Bombs are most effective vs. large groups of Tier 1 troops. Place them in pockets between buildings, especially storages & collectors. For advanced players, place them at the ends of resource paths.
Visual example:

*Also remember that bombs stun low tier units that it hits. If you can place bombs in range of Wizard Tower or Mortars, the stun from bombs can give time for the Wizard Tower or Mortar to finish off the group of low tier units such as Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, etc. For Giant Bombs, place between defensive buildings to destroy Hogriders. Having 2 Giant Bombs next to each other will 1-shot maxed level Hogriders.

3. Teslas are very effective as distracting Giants and Golems. Use them to create unexpected Giant paths.
Visual example:

*A maxed level Tesla (level 8 ) can 1-shot a maxed level Wall Breaker (level 6). A level 6 or 7 Tesla can 1-shot a level 5 Wall Breaker. Since Teslas have such a high firing rate, placing Teslas near areas where you think people will drop Wall Breakers can make it incredibly difficult for the Wall Breakers to break through. Click here to see how much damage your Tesla can do per shot (not damage per second).

4. Air Bombs are effective against mass air-attacks. Place them fairly close to Air Defenses, since most attackers will try to overwhelm your single-target Air Defenses with mass Minions/Balloons.
Visual example: N/A

*Place the Air Bombs in spots where you do not want minions to cluster. For farming bases, placing Air Bombs near storages can save your loot from a cluster of minions.

5. Air Missiles are expensive and should only use as last resort vs. Healers + Giants combo. Place them fairly close to Air Defenses. Most people will use Raging Giants or Lightning Spells to take out 1 or 2 Air Defenses before releasing Healer(s) in the same area.
Visual example: N/A

*It is recommended to place Air Mines slightly in the outer areas of the base. You want to quickly be able to kill healers or dragons instead of waiting for them to get inside of the base and then falling to Air Mines after they have already destroyed your buildings. Hitting and weakening strong air units sooner makes it easier for your defensive buildings to destroy them before they destroy your defensive buildings first.


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Re: Tips for Traps! - Effective Trap Placements -

Post by Cesar The Gr8 on Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:23 pm


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