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Attention Clanmates:
Lately, we have been in a slump with clan wars and it is time we step up our game. Like many other video games, Clash of Clans has tier lists for various army compositions.
Here are the top tier army compositions:

Top Tier Army Compositions Based on Town Hall Level
TH7 - Mass Dragon
TH8 - GoWiPe*, Mass Dragon
TH9 - Hogriders, GoWiPe, GoWiWi**, HoLoWiWi***
TH10 - Hogriders, GoWiPe, GoWiWi

*GoWiPe = Golems, Wizards, PEKKA
**GoWiWi = Golems, Wizards, Witches
***HoLoWiWi = Hogriders, BaLoons, Wizards, Witches (This army composition is situational and should be mainly used when against a spaced out TH8/TH9 base)

***Please click here to see a guide on HoLoWiWi before using it!

If you have been with us in our previous wars, you have probably noticed that these are the army compositions enemy clans have been using against us.

The Plan
Our plan to counter our losses is to fight fire with fire. We must use top tier army compositions as well as adjust our bases for these armies as well. This is our plan:

♦ We will take a couple weeks or an adjusted amount of time to focus on upgrading troops for high tier army compositions.
♦ Our members MUST also focus on upgrading Air Defenses for mass dragons match-ups.
♦ Our members MUST place Air Defenses relatively in the middle of the base and make sure they are protected.
♦ If you plan on using hogriders, level up healing spell as well.
♦ Have wise giant bomb placements (double giant bomb recommended to instant kill groups of hogriders)

♦ Click here for a quick guide to effectively use traps!

We will work together to make our clan a competitive war clan.

***Please realize that even though these army compositions may be expensive on resources, the amount of resources we gain from winning war will pay it back and then some.***
***This is an investment!***

If you have any thoughts or ideas on this, please post below. Rules/ideas may change! Thanks for looking!

*Also, please check out the useful links forum topic under General Discussions, or click here


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